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Address: 10th Floor, New Cooperation International Trade City, Economic

Development Zone, Loudi , Hunan , China
Telephone: +86-738-8311168
Fax: +86-738-8311968

 Hunan Forever Elegance Technology Co.,Ltd

  Hunan Forever Elegance Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech company registered in January 2011 for the production of magnetic measuring equipment and special magnetic field design. It moved to the New Cooperation International Trade and Trade Zone in Loudi Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hunan in September 2016. City 10th Floor

  The main sponsors and main technicians of Hunan Forever Elegance Technology Co.,Ltd. have many years of

experience in the development of magnetic measurement equipment. In response to the problems of existing

domestic testing equipment, after 3 years of technical research, a new generation of FE-2100 series magnetic

material automatic testing equipment has been produced. The products cover permanent magnet, silicon steel and

soft magnetic material testing equipment, a total of 5 series , More than 40 varieties.

Measurement technology

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