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Magnetic field generation and coil

Product selection and design

Contact: Ye Hu 
Mobile: +86-19894431408

Phone: +86-738-8311968-8005
E-Mail: &
Responsible scope:
Mainly responsible for Gauss meter and flux meter

Magnetic field coils, magnetic field generators,

Measuring magnetic field coils, magnetizers and other


Contact: Yonghong Zhu 

Mobile: +86-13907388352
Phone: +86-738-8311968
Responsible scope:
Selection guide for magnetic measurement products,

Design of non-standard magnetic measurement and

magnetic field equipment,FE-2100AM Permanent

magnet magnetic declination measuring instrument,

FE-2100MQ permanent magnet magnetic moment measuring instrument.


Soft magnetic materials

Hard magnetic materials

Contact: Jiaquan Ding 
Mobile phone: +86-17873805359

Phone: +86-738-8311968


Responsible scope:

FE-30SST silicon steel sheet iron loss tester,
FE-2100M silicon steel material measuring device,
FE-2100SA Soft Magnetic AC Measuring Device
,FE-2100SD soft magnetic DC measuring device and other instruments.

Contact: Bin Yuan
Mobile phone: +86-14786706906

Phone: +86-738-8311968-8002


Responsible scope:

FE-2100R series space magnetic field measuring

instrument,Permanent magnet material measurement

technology consultation,FE-2100H permanent magnet

material measuring device and other equipment.

International trade 
Contact: Miss Liu


Mobile phone: +86-13387388989

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Exclusive distributor in Europe

Company name: Matsy GmbH


Phone: +49(0)3641 79799-09

FAX: +49(0)3641 79799-01


Address: otto-schott-str.13 jena Germany

Responsible area:
Mainly responsible for the sales of instruments in the European region,

timely feedback on European standards and market needs, and

participate in the company's standardization work.