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Micro motor/motor industry

  In the field of new energy vehicles, the most practical and promising hybrid electric vehicle motor system. The permanent magnet used must have the characteristics of strong anti-demagnetization ability and high working temperature. Only ultra-high coercivity rare earth permanent magnets can meet this requirement. To meet this demand, Hunan Yongyi Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a permanent magnet ultra-high coercivity magnetic measuring instrument that can generate a 10T magnetic field and accurately measure (2 0 0 0 ~ 4 5 0 0) k A/m.
  In the field of electric power and generators, the magnetic susceptibility of the weak magnetic material components such as the pressure fingers, pressure rings, and guard rings of giant water turbines and steam turbine generators must be strictly controlled at the order of 10-5. Deviation from this magnitude will affect the actual efficiency of the generator.  Hunan Forever Elegance Technology Co.,Ltd. is an instrument that can indirectly measure the magnetic susceptibility of weak magnetic materials on the order of 10-5 to 10-6 by measuring the force of the sample in a non-uniform magnetic field. It can solve the prominent technical problems in the field of manufacturing large and giant generators.