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Hunan Forever Elegance Technology Co.,Ltd: Careful and self-cultivation forever
Interpretation signs
The logo consists of the magnet symbol U and the sphere as the design elements. U adopts deformation and tailing processing, which has a strong sense of movement and implies the rapid development of the enterprise; at the same time, the combination of U and E is used to symbolize electromagnetic products, which accurately reflects the individual industry. Features, whether it is the appearance of a single logo or a combination of logo and text, will leave a deep impression in memory.
The main color is calm dark blue, which implies the positive and long-term vitality of the company; the secondary color is white transition and color, and meticulous processing technology, which implies the strictness and rigor of the company's products in the production process, giving people a strong sense of trust; The details are complex and the overall structure is atmospheric, reflecting the high-tech and stability of the product.
Service concept: integrity, professionalism, and speed.
Corporate culture: Be cautious and self-cultivation, detached.
Core values: quality, professionalism and service.
Enterprise purpose: Serve the society with heart and create unlimited value.
Enterprise spirit: Accumulate bit by bit to improve and achieve perfect quality.
Enterprise goal: professional magnetic measurement design and developer, leading electromagnetic product service provider.
Business belief: With leading technology, produce excellent products, and provide professional services for the field of magnetism.
Hunan Forever Elegance Technology Co.,Ltd.---Professional manufacturer of magnetic measurement testing equipment. Specializing in the production of Gauss meter, fluxmeter, permanent magnet material measuring device, soft magnetic material measuring device, soft magnetic silicon steel equipment, silicon steel sheet iron loss measuring instrument, magnetizing machine Helmho Here is the coil and so on. It can test magnetic flux, magnetic moment, surface magnetism, remanence, coercivity, intrinsic coercivity, magnetic energy product, hysteresis loop, demagnetization curve, etc.