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Service and support

Knowledge of Magnetism

How to choose a flux meter test coil
Many customers often encounter coil selection problems when choosing a fluxmeter to measure magnetic materials. Because the flux meter needs to match the coil to measure the magnetic flux of the magnet. The coil can be a single coil, a fixed B coil, or a Helmholtz coil.
Magnetic performance measuring instruments and equipment commonly used by permanent magnet product manufacturers
The inspection items of permanent magnet products mainly include surface magnetism (maximum, center point, surface magnetic field distribution), magnetic flux, magnetic moment, magnetic declination and four major parameters of material. The testing instruments for its application: Gauss meter, Tesla meter, and magnetic field distribution tester are available for surface magnetism.
Customer case sharing of spatial magnetic field distribution measuring instruments
The FE-2100RD spatial magnetic field distribution measuring instrument can accurately test the spatial magnetic field distribution, and provides test methods such as XY coordinates, P polar coordinates, 3D magnetic field distribution, and harmonic analysis relative to the fundamental wave. It is aimed at a number of magnetic products in the domestic and foreign markets. The indicators meet the quality inspection of permanent magnets, permanent magnet motor stators or rotors, DC magnetic field coils, electromagnets, etc. The following is a case study of spatial magnetic field distribution measuring instruments:
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