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Hard magnetic materials

FE-2100H Permanent Magnetic Material Automatic Measuring Device

FE-2100H permanent magnetic material magnetic measuring instrument is suitable for measuring the remanence Br, coercive force Hcb, intrinsic coercive force Hcj and maximum Magnetic energy product BHmax and other magnetic performance parameters, and display B&J-H hysteresis loop and demagnetization curve.
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FE-2100AM permanent magnet magnetic declination measuring instrument

The FE-2100AM permanent magnet magnetic declination measuring instrument is composed of a three-dimensional Helmholtz coil connected to an independent three-component fluxmeter, which constitutes the hardware test part. The three-component test data is converted by a computer to form a complete set of permanent magnets. Material quality testing system.
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FE-2100MQ Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Material Quality Test Device

The FE-2100MQ rare earth permanent magnet material quality test device uses a fluxmeter and Helmholtz coil to test the quality of rare earth materials has become the most popular inspection method among enterprises. Although the magnetic properties of the test materials are not as accurate as the permanent magnet material BH measurement device , Can not provide the intrinsic coercive force Hcj parameters of the material, but because the test magnetic moment data is more reliable, the equipment cost is lower, and it is suitable for transmission and communication between all material manufacturing and users. It will be used in the field of magnetic measurement in the future. Play a bigger role.

FE-2100HAB permanent magnet material automatic measuring device

The FE-2100HAB type permanent magnet material magnetic performance measuring device can meet the characteristics of general permanent magnet (ferrite, AlNiCo) and rare earth permanent magnet (NdFeB, SmCo) material samples at different temperatures, add test tools, and meet the requirements of different Measure the density of permanent magnetic powder samples, and configure the conversion software from density to standard density to provide a reference for analysis.
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FE-2100MD Rare Earth Permanent Magnetic Flux Density Experimental Device

Entrusted by the user, the NdFeB temperature irreversible loss measuring instrument is designed to meet the foreign users' assessment of material quality and provide data.
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