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Magnetic field series

Geomagnetic compensation and magnetic field simulation system

The geomagnetic compensation and magnetic field simulation system is composed of three-dimensional square Helmholtz coils, three high-precision programmable constant current DC power supplies, three-axis fluxgate (or Gauss meter) and test control software. It can perform background geomagnetic field test and dynamic compensation of geomagnetic field to meet the magnetic field requirements as low as 1nT; it can also be used for magnetic field simulation to obtain magnetic field requirements in any direction (fluxgate is used below 1mT, and Gauss meter is used below 10mT). The specific design can be customized according to the user's requirements for the uniformity and uniformity of the magnetic field.
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FE-MAG1200/2500 series magnetizing machine

The FE-MAG1200/2500 series capacitive pulse magnetizer is composed of high-voltage oil-immersed pulse capacitors, thyristors and control circuits. The alternating current boosts the power supply voltage through the isolation transformer, and then the rectifier changes it to direct current to charge the capacitor.
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Multi-degree-of-freedom magnetic navigation gradient magnetic field control system

The magnetic training of magnetic materials and its demagnetization magnetic field and multi-degree-of-freedom gradient magnetic field. In the field of magnetic field generating equipment, it is at the advanced level of domestic and foreign counterparts. The products have been adopted by many domestic scientific research institutes and exported to the United States, Australia, Hong Kong and other scientific research institutions, involving military industry experiments, magnetic material processing, biological experiments, medical surgery, magnetic particle imaging and other fields.
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FE-3580AF Biological AC Magnetic Field Experimental Device

FE-3580AF biological AC magnetic field experiment box is a product designed by Hunan Yongyi Technology Co., Ltd. according to the needs of scientific research institutes for animal AC magnetic field interference experiments. It provides a better experimental device for simulating the influence of power frequency AC magnetic field on white mice. Product features: The magnetic field area has a large cavity space, the magnetic field intensity can be set according to the experiment, the magnetic field on and off and the light start and stop can be automatically controlled in a loop according to the experimental requirements, and the ambient temperature exceeds the limit alarm function.
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Automatic detection and control system of parking lot geomagnetic sensor

The simulated parking lot record test system is an experimental platform test system that Wuxi Internet of Things Industry Research Institute and Hunan Yongyi Technology Co., Ltd. conduct a full inspection of parking lot probes. The design, control and inspection of the space magnetic field and related software (simulating car parking actions) are completed by Yongyi Technology Co., Ltd.; the test probe and its management software are designed and completed by Wuxi Industrial Network Research Institute, forming a complete simulation parking automatic management system , To meet the full inspection of the probe equipped in the parking lot, to ensure the qualification rate of the embedded probe in the construction.
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China UnionPay high-precision static magnetic field generator

At present, bank cards with magnetic strips are still widely used. For example, when depositors lose or replace bank cards or credit cards, if mandatory degaussing measures are not taken, the user information on the magnetic strips will be completely preserved. This security loophole , Is used by some criminals. By reading the magnetic stripe information, all user information can be collected. And to copy and crack. Use normal depositors to bear unnecessary losses. Therefore, the issue of information security in the banking industry has become a key issue considered by major banks.
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