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AC measuring equipment for soft magnetic materials

FE-2100SA Soft Magnetic Material AC Measuring Device

The FE-2100SA soft magnetic AC measuring device can be used to accurately measure closed-circuit samples of soft magnetic materials such as soft ferrite, permalloy, amorphous and nanocrystalline.
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FE-35A iron core measuring instrument

The FE-35A core meter is suitable for rapid measurement of the volt-ampere characteristics of amorphous and silicon steel transformer cores. It is equipped with a single-turn test tool and is suitable for full inspection of the product. The product design adopts an effective value conversion circuit to provide two waveforms, sine wave and half wave, which is more widely applicable.
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FE-2100SC Solenoid Valve Magnetic Flux Measuring Instrument

FE-2100SC solenoid valve magnetic flux measuring instrument is developed and designed on the basis of the original FE-2100M at the request of the famous solenoid valve manufacturer Ningbo Tianlong Electronics. It is a precision device that specifically measures the current-magnetic flux (I-Φ) curve of the solenoid valve. .
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Product Center