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FE-201 Fluxmeter

FE-201 Fluxmeter is a professional magnetic measuring instrument developed and produced by Hunan Yongyi Technology Co., Ltd. Based on a simple and practical design concept, we are committed to designing easy-to-operate, functional and practical magnetic measurement products for users. The instrument is designed with functions of peak lock and polarity judgment which are more practical.
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FE-210B High Precision Fluxmeter

FE-210B FLUXMETER Digital Fluxmeter is a precise magnetic measuring instrument designed and produced with a low-drift electronic integration device. The test response is complete, no data is lost during the test, high test accuracy, low drift, etc. are the main features of this instrument. In the magnetic passing process of the sample tested by the pulling method, the fast and slow pull data can be matched, and the repeated measurement and the recovery test show excellent characteristics.
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FE-201 Oxide Scale Detector

The FE-201 scale nondestructive tester is a special power plant scale tester developed by the company. The test probe is designed with patented technology and combined with a general-purpose flux meter.
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Product Center