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FE-201 Fluxmeter

FE-201 Fluxmeter is a professional magnetic measuring instrument developed and produced by Hunan Yongyi Technology Co., Ltd. Based on a simple and practical design concept, we are committed to designing easy-to-operate, functional and practical magnetic measurement products for users. The instrument is designed with functions of peak lock and polarity judgment which are more practical.
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FE-2100H Permanent Magnetic Material Automatic Measuring Device

FE-2100H permanent magnetic material magnetic measuring instrument is suitable for measuring the remanence Br, coercive force Hcb, intrinsic coercive force Hcj and maximum Magnetic energy product BHmax and other magnetic performance parameters, and display B&J-H hysteresis loop and demagnetization curve.
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FE-2100M Silicon Steel Material Automatic Measuring Device

FE-2100M silicon steel material measuring device is suitable for measuring various hot-rolled, cold-rolled oriented and non-oriented silicon steel materials, as well as the measurement of formed silicon steel transformer cores. It can accurately measure the magnetic induction intensity Bm, specific total loss Ps, hysteresis loop, and AC magnetization curve of silicon steel materials under power frequency conditions.
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Helmholtz coil

Use two coils with exactly the same radius and number of turns and arrange them coaxially and make the distance equal to the radius. This combination of coils is called a Helmholtz coil. It can generate a very weak magnetic field up to hundreds of Gs; the coil has a large uniform area, an open space for use, and easy operation. It can realize one-dimensional, two-dimensional, and three-dimensional combined magnetic fields, and can provide AC and DC magnetic fields. The current has a good linear relationship with the magnetic field.
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Multi-degree-of-freedom magnetic navigation gradient magnetic field control system

The magnetic training of magnetic materials and its demagnetization magnetic field and multi-degree-of-freedom gradient magnetic field. In the field of magnetic field generating equipment, it is at the advanced level of domestic and foreign counterparts. The products have been adopted by many domestic scientific research institutes and exported to the United States, Australia, Hong Kong and other scientific research institutions, involving military industry experiments, magnetic material processing, biological experiments, medical surgery, magnetic particle imaging and other fields.
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Hall probe

This Hall probe is a standard accessory of FE-102 and FE-103 Gauss meters produced by Hunan Forever Elegance Technology Co.,Ltd. It can be used for magnetic field measurement, DC magnetic field, radiated magnetic field, residual magnetism, earth magnetic field, etc. The magnetic induction intensity. In addition, it can be used with the FE-2100H permanent magnet material automatic measurement device and FE-2100R series multi-pole magnetic ring distribution measurement device developed by our company.
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