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FE-201 Oxide Scale Detector

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FE-201 Oxide Scale Detector

The FE-201 scale nondestructive tester is a special power plant scale tester developed by the company. The test probe is designed with patented technology and combined with a general-purpose flux meter.
Product Details
Test Fixture
Product introduction
FE-201 Non-destructive Detector for Oxide Scale is a special power plant scale detector developed by the company. This instrument uses patented technology to design test probes, combined with a universal Fluxmeter. On the one hand, it can quickly and effectively detect the peeling and accumulation of oxide scale inside the stainless steel tube of power plant boilers, and eliminate the excessive oxide scale of the stainless steel tube that causes the tube to burst; on the other hand, it can also detect the internal oxide scale of the stainless steel tube to give the heating surface of the stainless steel tube of the boiler. The overall oxidation and corrosion status of the boiler provides effective data support to help realize the safety assessment of the boiler.
FE-201 Non-destructive Detector for Oxide Scale is suitable for the measurement of rust on the inner layer of non-magnetic stainless steel pipes. Equipped with a rechargeable battery inside, no power supply is required during testing, suitable for field operation, and it can be used for 4 hours on a saturated charge. This product has been adopted by Hunan Xiangtan Power Generation Co., Ltd., Wuhan University, Henan Nanyang Yahekou Power Generation Co., Ltd., Anhui Huainan Pingwei Power Plant and Changsha Thermal Power Plant, and has received good feedback.


Instrument configuration
● One FE-201 scale detector;
● A charging power cord (or a charger transformer);
● One probe connecting wire;
● One test probe (several probes of different sizes can be configured according to actual usage);
● A copy of the manual;
● A warranty card;


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Technical indicators
● Power supply: AC 220V/0.5A;
● Test range: 20.00mWb with peak hold function;
● The accuracy of testing DC magnetic field is better than: 1.0% (corresponding to the full scale of each file);
● Minimum resolution of magnetic field: 10uWb;
● Volume: 250mm×180mm×100mm;
● Weight: 1.2kg;
● Operating environment: 0℃ to +50℃, humidity: 35~80%;


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