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Hall probe

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Hall probe

This Hall probe is a standard accessory of FE-102 and FE-103 Gauss meters produced by Hunan Forever Elegance Technology Co.,Ltd. It can be used for magnetic field measurement, DC magnetic field, radiated magnetic field, residual magnetism, earth magnetic field, etc. The magnetic induction intensity. In addition, it can be used with the FE-2100H permanent magnet material automatic measurement device and FE-2100R series multi-pole magnetic ring distribution measurement device developed by our company.
Product Details
Technical parameter
The Hall probe is a standard accessory of the Gauss meter produced by the company, which can be used to measure the magnetic induction intensity of various magnetic fields such as the product's magnetic field, DC magnetic field, radiant magnetic field, residual magnetism, and earth's magnetic field. In addition, it can be used with the FE-2100H permanent magnet material automatic measuring device, FE-2100R series multi-pole magnetic ring distribution measuring device is used.
● Surface magnetic field measurement of permanent magnet: using Gauss meter (Tesla meter) Measuring the surface magnetic field intensity of permanent magnet products is mainly to evaluate the quality of permanent magnet products and the consistency of magnetic properties after magnetization; usually the magnetic field intensity at the center point of the magnet surface is measured in the measurement, and the product is judged by comparing the data of standard samples. Whether it is qualified or not, it can also ensure the consistency of the material.
● Measurement of air-gap magnetic field: The use of Gauss meter (Tesla meter) to measure air-magnetic field is widely used. It is used in scientific research, electronic manufacturing, machinery and other fields. Typical applications are mainly motor and electro-acoustic industries.
● Residual magnetism measurement: such as the detection of the demagnetization effect of the workpiece after demagnetization.
● Magnetic flux leakage measurement: such as loudspeaker magnetic flux leakage measurement.
Special reminder:
This probe is a consumable part, no warranty, please pay attention when using it, just lightly flatten the measurement, do not bend it forcefully.
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Gaussmeter Hall probe technical parameters
Horizontal probe parameters: length*width*thickness: 60mm*4.0mm*1.0mm, sensitive area 0.5mm*0.5mm
Longitudinal probe parameters: length*diameter: 60mm*5.0mm, sensitive area 0.5mm*0.5mm
Ultra-thin probe parameters: length*width*thickness: 40mm*1.2mm*0.45mm, sensitive area 0.25mm*0.25mm
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